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Something Old and Something New

Education is taking some strange twists these days. After decades of being told that education is getting easier to access all the time we find ourselves in the middle of life-crushing student loans, schools closed for virus control, rioting in the streets of communities where school was dangerous to start with, and “new” ideas for learning at home all over the tv and internet. Historically, one room school houses and home-schooling were the educational format for many of our forefathers. In 1609 the Jamestown Colony was experiencing an educational crisis. All children were taught at home. The leaders of the Colony were concerned that the parents, while sufficiently teaching reading and maths, were not doing an acceptable job of teaching the Bible. They instituted the first public schools in America for the purpose of each child’s learning of that most important book, the Bible. Times have surely changed. One ninth grade boy in our local school was told that while it is legal for him t