Government Education Plan: 15 students, One Teacher and a Tree

Not the USA government.  That would be too cool!  In Bujumba, Kenya, we helped create St. Jude School which currently has 40 students in grades K - 4th.  The Kenyan government has come up with a plan for the reopening of rural schools.  The government teachers are being assigned 15 students each and directed to conduct classes under a tree. 

OKay. That is not the only acceptable venue. Community centers, churches, parks, and other casual locations.  Since the school year is nearly over (they meet January - December) it seems to be the goal to reconnect with students in a way as to be fulfilling and rewarding and relational.  Life skills and interest subjects are mandated and while core subjects are not off limits they are not the emphasis.  Small classes and teachers one can get to know personally, what a concept!  Outdoors, social distancing/spacing, personal observation, and most of all..... SCHOOL! 

Just some thoughts from the Head, of Schools, that is.

Watch the development


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